Juan and Isabelle were wonderful! They came out to my house within an hour of my call and fixed my problem with my air conditioning for a great price! They kept my family cool all summer.

Dave M.

Dear Juan and Isabell, 

Thank you for the EXCELLENT service! Our home is much cooler thanks to your quick service, Thank You! We appreciate you guys!

Rob & Theresa F.

I had a problem with my air conditioner and they told me that I needed to replace my A/C unit. Since I didn't have money, I called Air Professional Service to get a second opinion. Juan, the A/C Contractor, told me the unit was in perfect conditions it was only a disconnected wire. I was charged $39.00 for the service call and they fixed my problem. It's been three year ago since they came and my A/C is still running smoothly. I recommend Air Professional Service, they are nice and trustworthy company. 

Rachelle P

In November I called this company because my A/C unit wasn't functioning and it ended up being my thermostat that was not working. I asked the company if I could pay it off in two weeks, since I didn't have money at the time, and they did not charge me. They are truly great people! All thanks to Isabelle and Juan, God Bless them!

Emilee Y

When my air conditioner broke, I called three different companies and they told me that it would cost around $13,000 to $15,000 because it was a lot of work to go under the house to fix my ducts. Air Professional service gave me an excellent price and that same day they ordered the parts for my a/c. I passed inspection the first time. I am very happy with the results; I have recommended them to my family and friends. Thanks Juan and Isabel for great service!!!

Pat R.

I had a problem with my compress and it was warm inside the house. Juan said that my compressor was weak and it needed a hard start kit to help the compressor start. Juan installed a hard start kit and the compressor started working but still was loud, so he told me that we needed to replaced the outdoor unit. He told me to use the hard start kit for the moment until the stores opened since it was a Holiday. Juan is a good technician, I personally recommend because he came and installed the hard start kit and did not charge me, not even for service fee. The outdoor unit was replaced and now it is quiet and smooth. Thank you Air Professional Service for the excellent job! 

Anthony Lee