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Heating Precision Tune Up

We provide a heating maintenance tune up for a low price of $99.95.

Air Professional Service Heating and Air wants to make sure your family's home is comfortable all winter long. We perform a thorough 20-point inspection to guarantee your heating unit functions at its best. The heating precision tune up consists of:

  • Checking thermostat contacts
  • Cleaning and adjusting furnace burner assembly
  • Cleaning furnace ignition assembly
  • Checking flame baffle
  • Checking gas input pressure at the gas valve
  • Inspecting gas valve and piping for gas leaks
  • Checking pilot safety/thermocouple spark ignition
  • Checking for carbon monoxide inside the house
  • Inspecting combustion chamber
  • Examining heat exchanger for damage and corrosion
  • Checking temperature rise at your return and supply plenum
  • Changing 1" inch filter(s)
  • Examining over condition and inspecting plenum for air leakage
  • Checking condensate drain line for clean and clear water flow
  • Checking blower motor speed and its amperage
  • Check for accurate microfarads at indoor fan capacitor
  • Checking flue and venting
  • Checking limit control
  • Checking safety interlock switch
  • Monitor heating cycle