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Air Conditioning Precision Tune Up

We provide a air conditioning maintenance tune up for a low price of $99.95.

Air Professional Service Heating and Air works hard to ensure your home is cool all summer long. We perform a multi-point air conditioning unit tune up that consists of:

  • Checking thermostat contact
  • Changing 1" pleated filter(s)
  • Checking blower motor speed and its amperage
  • Checking for accurate microfarads at indoor fan capacitor
  • Inspecting evaporator coil
  • Checking condensation drain line for clean and clear water flow
  • Checking temperature difference return and supply 
  • Checking all electrical components at the condenser
  • Checking for loose wire connections and neatness
  • Checking amps and voltage at the outdoor unit
  • Testing starting capabilities
  • Testing safety controls 
  • Inspecting condenser clearances
  • Checking refrigerant level (superheat and subcooling)
  • Examining over condition and inspect plenum for air leakage
  • Monitoring cooling cycle
  • Washing and cleaning condenser or outdoor coil
  • Checking ambient air and condenser air temperature
  • Checking dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature at the return
  • Checking with customer for operation or comfort concerns